Tips for Timber Floor Sanding that You Could Use in Your House in Chatswood or Elsewhere

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  Very often, homeowners opt for the timelessly classic look that hardwood floors typically exude. People want their homes to look elegant, stylish and visually appealing. Wooden floors help achieve that look with minimal fuss. But, over time, these floors can get scratched or stained. As a result, your swanky floors could well lose their lustrous look. Some people think that the only way to remedy such floors is to replace them altogether. But, this is not the only solution. If at all, this should be your last resort. The best way to...

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Sydney Floor Sanding Companies Use Oil and Lacquer for Perfectly Finished Wooden Floors

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  Wooden floors are not as identical as they might initially appear to be. Any wooden floor will be unique based on its grain patterns and colours. But, with the passage of time, these floors will eventually start losing their glossy and stainless appearances. To eliminate this, many homeowners hire Sydney floor sanding companies or professionals for revamping their wooden floors.   When Do Sydney Floor Sanding Professionals Use Oil and Lacquer for Finishing Hardwood Floors? Many floor sanding professionals often use varnishes, dyes,...

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How Sanding And Polishing Your Timber Flooring Protects Your Investment?

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  Who doesn’t love clean and sparkling wooden floors? However, with time, timber flooring tends to lose its original shine if you don’t maintain it well. While it’s true that these floors require sanding and refinishing after a certain point of time, timber flooring is still an economical option because it lasts for centuries. All you have to do is choose a trustworthy company that specializes in floor polishing and floor sanding eastern suburbs to bring back the original appeal of your wooden floors. Let’s try to understand a...

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Floor Sanding in Chatswood: 4 Things to Remember

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  Timber flooring has always been one of the most popular flooring options in Sydney. If installed properly, timber floors exude warmth and a natural vibe. There’s virtually no other flooring that can make your house or any commercial establishment as classy and elegant as timber flooring. So, it’s quite natural that many homeowners dream to have timber floors in their homes. However, one thing that you must know is that having a timber floor is one thing but to keep it stunning for years and years need some clever maintenance...

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Which Floor Sanders Are Your Best Bet for Using on Hardwood Floors?

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  Until you’ve paid attention to the flooring material that you plan to use, it’s likely that your new house will not be liveable. Many homeowners install wooden floors in their homes. This gives their homes a timelessly elegant appearance. But, wooden floors will lose their glossy look after some years. In this scenario, you will need to hire floor sanders for sprucing up your hardwood floors.   What Sanding Machines Do Floor Sanders Use on Hardwood Floors? In the past, floor sanding professionals used to sand timber floors...

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Floor Polishing Specialists Can Apply the Best Finishes to Your Wooden Floors

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    Various options abound when it comes to selecting the flooring material you want in your house. However, if you want to give your house a timelessly classic look, opt for wooden floors. These can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house. Over time, these floors can lose their lustrous appearance. In this scenario, you will typically need to hire timber floor polishing experts.   What Kinds of Floor Finishes Do Floor Polishing Specialists Typically Use? There are numerous varieties of floor finishes available nowadays. The...

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Experienced Flooring Professionals Can Offer the Best Wood Floor Repairs with Minimal Fuss

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  Beautiful solid wooden floors can make a house look elegant and visually appealing. Wood is a natural material. In addition, it exudes a timelessly classic look. As such, you can be sure that you won’t go wrong when you select wooden floors for your house or workplace. There are numerous kinds of wooden flooring. However, wooden floors will require proper maintenance. This is especially so because wear-and-tear issues can lead to a number of floor-related issues. In these situations, you will need to hire a specialist to carry out...

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Andes Timber Flooring – The Floor Sanding Professionals in the Eastern Suburbs

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If you’re looking for professional floor sanders for your wooden floors, your search ends at Andes Timber Flooring. We’re the people to rely on when you require excellent timber flooring services. We have over 20 years of experience in the floor sanding industry. Thus, you can rely on us to give you flawless timber flooring at cost effective rates. Unlike other sanding companies, we do not cause wholesale disruption to your home or work life. Instead, we ensure that we minimise the disruption as much as possible. In terms of machines and...

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Professional Floor Sanders Can Give Your Wooden Floors the Best Makeover

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  Currently, wooden floors are in fashion. This is hardly surprising given the timelessly classic look that wooden floors typically exude. Whether you use them in your homes or offices, wooden floors can enhance the visual appeal of your property with their refined look. As time goes by, these floors can end up looking scratched or scuffed. However, you won’t need to rip apart the entire floor and install a new one. The value of investing in wooden floors becomes evident with the fact that you can hire floor sanders to make your floor...

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Do You Require Cost Effective Floor Sanding Services in the Eastern Suburbs?

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  Timber flooring makes any house appear warm and welcoming with a natural and contemporary look. It can heighten the aesthetic appeal of your house. However, these floors can become stained or scratched over time. To give these floors a makeover, you’ll need professional floor polishing and sanding services. Andes Timber Flooring does just that! With more than 20 years of experience in the business, we provide superlative timber flooring services throughout Sydney. Customers value us for the immaculate products and services we...

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