Experienced Flooring Professionals Can Offer the Best Wood Floor Repairs with Minimal Fuss

Jul 19, 2016 by

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Beautiful solid wooden floors can make a house look elegant and visually appealing. Wood is a natural material. In addition, it exudes a timelessly classic look. As such, you can be sure that you won’t go wrong when you select wooden floors for your house or workplace. There are numerous kinds of wooden flooring. However, wooden floors will require proper maintenance. This is especially so because wear-and-tear issues can lead to a number of floor-related issues. In these situations, you will need to hire a specialist to carry out the desired wood floor repairs.


What Kinds of Wood Floor Repairs Do Wooden Floors Typically Require?

Wooden floor installation experts know the importance of managing the amount of moisture in wood. When Relative Humidity (RH) levels increase, wooden floors will absorb moisture from the air. Similarly, when RH levels decrease, wooden floors will emit the moisture back into the air. Undoubtedly, this natural process contributes to the strength and beauty of wooden floors. However, excess levels of moisture can lead to a number of issues as well.

Many hardwood floor experts provide floor polishing and sanding services. However, these professionals can repair a slew of other problems that typically occur in wooden floors as well. For instance, these experts are best place to handle issues like:

  • The emergence of cracks and separations between boards as the seasons change
  • Cupping i.e. where the edges of the board become higher than the centre
  • Crowning i.e. where the centre of the board becomes higher than the edges and,
  • Buckling i.e. where the wooden floor rises by several inches from the subfloor


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Image Source: Scott Lewis / Flickr