Find the Best Timber Flooring to Install in Your Home

Jun 21, 2016 by

timber flooring


People throughout the country like timber flooring for its natural and contemporary look. The beauty of these floors can make any house appear warm and welcoming. These floors are natural and by extension, environment friendly as well. In addition, they are hard wearing too. Many people might feel that these floors come in a specific set of colours only. As such, they are put off by the perceived lack of variety in these floors. But, this is not true. Timber floors come in a diverse range of shades ranging from light honey to dark brown. Thus, finding a shade that suits you is not difficult at all.


What Kinds of Timber Do Flooring Suppliers Use for Making Timber Flooring?

Suppliers of timber floors usually offer the following kinds of floors:

  • Softwood Timber: In many cases, suppliers use pine for making these floors. These floors typically have unique patterns and colours. People often use these floors in low-traffic areas. The unique patterns on these floors makes them exude a light and breezy look.
  • Hardwood Timber: This is one of the most common timber flooring materials used across Australia. Suppliers make these floors from the wood of blackbutt, mahogany, bluegum and ironbark. While expensive, these floors are both long-lasting and durable. The width of these floors typically ranges from 80 mm to 180 mm. In many cases, people use wider boards for making smaller rooms appear larger.
  • Engineered Timber: Manufacturers sandwich softer timbers together. Thereafter, they laminate them with a hardwood surface. The resulting timber is economical, stable and easy to install. People can use these floors immediately after installation too.


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