Floor Polishing Specialists Can Apply the Best Finishes to Your Wooden Floors

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 timber flooring


Various options abound when it comes to selecting the flooring material you want in your house. However, if you want to give your house a timelessly classic look, opt for wooden floors. These can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house. Over time, these floors can lose their lustrous appearance. In this scenario, you will typically need to hire timber floor polishing experts.


What Kinds of Floor Finishes Do Floor Polishing Specialists Typically Use?

There are numerous varieties of floor finishes available nowadays. The finish that your polishing professionals might end up using depends entirely on:

  • The type of timber floor you have
  • The age of your timber flooring
  • The look that you want to achieve
  • The manner in which you will use the floor and,
  • Various environmental conditions


The most common types of floor finishes used these days include:

Surface Finishes: These finishes protect floors by forming a protective layer on them. These finishes resemble a layer of clear plastic on top of the wood. These finishes typically comprise solvent-based moisture-cured polyurethane and nontoxic waster-based polyurethane.

Composite Finishes: Oil-modified polyurethane finish is the most popular type in this category. This finish combines the strength of oil and polyurethane seals. Thus, they facilitate movement in the timber while providing reasonable levels of wear resistance.

Penetrate Finishes: The wooden fibres in the floor absorb the oils and waxes that comprise penetrate finishes. These finishes are nontoxic and hypo-allergenic. Oils do not create any edge bonding or cracking issues either. Thus, you can carry out minor repairs without sanding the floor back to the bare timber.


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