Floor Sanding in Chatswood: Everything You Need To Know!

Apr 27, 2016 by

floor polishing


Hardwood flooring can make any home look welcoming and exceptional, but these floors need proper care and maintenance so that they keep looking at their best. When it comes to floor sanding in Chatswood, it’s a great way to restore your old wooden floors and keep them in their best condition for years to come. Sanding off your worn out wooden floors and then sealing them by using effective floor polishing techniques are the best maintenance procedures you can choose for the longevity of your floors.


Why you should opt for professional floor polishing and floor sanding in Chatswood?

You might know a number of people who have performed floor sanding or floor polishing on their own, but when you look at their results you’ll definitely choose to get professional services instead.  You can never get quality results from small, low powered sanding machines that are available for rent. Professionals use state-of-the-art sanding machinery to give you the most flawless results.

On the other hand, even after investing a lot of time and money into acquiring all the necessary equipment, you’ll soon realize that the savings are not that great in a DIY job. What’s worse is that if you end up with floor defects, you’ll have to spend even more to get them rectified from the professionals. If you are looking professional floor sanding in Chatswood, choose a trusted company which is expert in just hardwood floors.


Floor sanding in Chatswood: How long does the process take?

A typical floor sanding job can take anywhere between 2 to 7 days. The duration largely depends on complexity and size of the job. While it’s recommended to move out of the house due to odour, dust and noise disruptions, trusted companies such as Andes Timber Flooring can accomplish the job with minimal disruption in your every day routine. Second important thing to remember is that you should carry out the floor restoration job at a suitable time. For instance; if you’re planning to keep your furniture outside during the sanding process, make sure that the weather is not rainy.

Andes Timber Flooring is one of the leading and the most reliable specialists of floor polishing and floor sanding in Chatswood. For more information on floor restoration services and to choose the best one for your needs, contact Andes Timber Flooring today.


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