Parquet and mosaic floor installation

Parquetry flooring is one of the most popular flooring options not just in Sydney, but all over Australia. It is broadly classified into two different types Mosaic Parquetry and Block Parquetry. Mosaic uses small “fingers” of timber which are arranged in square with around 6 or 7 “fingers” per square. Block parquetry generally uses larger pieces of wood and is laid in a repeating pattern often using contrasting coloured timbers to create depth in the design. The wood species is chosen from a wide variety of timber depending on the requirements of colour and grain characteristics.

The most popular Parquetry flooring patterns are herringbone, basket-weave and chequerboard. At Andes Timber Flooring, we can install and supply all of these as well as a range of other patterns.


Benefits of Parquet floors

Parquet floors look stunning and also offer the added advantage of being affordable and long lasting. They can be used anywhere and look just as good in a home as they do in an office space as long as you choose expert services for floor installations in Sydney. One of the amazing benefits of Parquet floors is that they look really expensive but, in reality, they are quite affordable. This just means that you can make your home or office truly elegant and stylish without breaking a bank.

If you want to have this remarkably strong and long lasting flooring installed in your home, Andes Timber Flooring is just the company to call! Our services for wood floor installations and floor polishing in the city are well known and our experts will also take care of your Sydney floor sanding needs. We have been providing world-class flooring solutions to residents and businesses in Sydney for over 20 years now. Since we employ only the most experienced and skilled installers in Sydney and use cutting-edge tools and machinery, we can provide you timeless designs and flawless floor installations that wooden floors are known for. Make the right choice. Give your home parquet flooring today. Call Andes Timber Flooring right now.