Professional Floor Sanders Can Give Your Wooden Floors the Best Makeover

Jul 6, 2016 by

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Currently, wooden floors are in fashion. This is hardly surprising given the timelessly classic look that wooden floors typically exude. Whether you use them in your homes or offices, wooden floors can enhance the visual appeal of your property with their refined look. As time goes by, these floors can end up looking scratched or scuffed. However, you won’t need to rip apart the entire floor and install a new one. The value of investing in wooden floors becomes evident with the fact that you can hire floor sanders to make your floor as good as new.


Rely On Professional Floor Sanders to Restore Your Wooden Floors

Expert floor sanders typically use two different sanders for each assignment. They use one of these for the main areas of the room. The other is useful for dealing with the edges and corners. Nowadays, the best floor sanding machines feature integral dust collection units. Hence, you can expect a dust-free sanding experience if your sanding company uses the latest machines. Floor sanding experts often prefer to use the belt-type sanding machines as opposed to the drum roller type of machines. This is because the former are easier to manage.


During the floor sanding process, the professionals will:

  • Hammer any protruding nails into the floor as much as possible
  • Fill any gaps in the floor with a resin filer mixed with wood dust and,
  • Sand the entire floor with the grain initially with the coarsest sandpaper before they gradually repeat the process with sandpaper that is relatively finer


Be mindful that floor sanding professionals often use four types of sandpaper for sanding wooden floors.

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Image Source: Boa-Franc / Flickr