Sydney Floor Sanding -5 Signs Your Floor Needs Professional Restoration Services

May 3, 2016 by

timber floor sanding


Knowing precisely when to call professionals to restore your hardwood floors is not a simple task by any means. Timber flooring actually tends to get better with age, but if not maintained properly with occasional floor sanding and refinishing jobs, it can lose its original appeal and lustre after a few years. If your hardwood floors look dull and lifeless, professional Sydney floor sanding services can help you. Scratches, dents and discolorations can be easily removed with a simple floor sanding job and a little touch-up. Let’s have a look at some of the tell-tale signs that your floors need some professional help.

  1. Tired and dull finish: If you think that your wooden floors lose their original charm, just do a simple test to know if you need professional services.Try to scratch the surface with your fingernails. If the wax comes out easily, your flooring is in need of a professional refinishing job.
  1. Scratches, gouges and dents: Make sure to inspect the wooden planks at regular intervals to catch any scratches and dents on time, so that major complications can be avoided later on. In this case, professional floor sanding services can get you rid of any superficial flooring defects at very cost-effective prices.
  1. Cracking and peeling: These flooring defects can be caused by improper maintenance, dog’s toenails, hash soaps, chair legs, water and grit and so on.  If you’ve noticed cracking and peeling lately, it’s time to contact a trusted Sydney floor sandingcompany.
  1. Hidden imperfections: Noticing minor imperfections and defects is much easier right after the floor is cleaned and dried. If you think that the imperfections and defects are more than normal, call professionals to your home for an expert opinion.
  1. Uneven flooring: You can observe the level of your timber flooring by lying down on the floor andlooking at the surface from onepoint to all the way to a point on the opposite side. If you notice any defects, a floor restoration job can rectify everything, and refinishing job will even prevent floor warping in the future.

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