Sydney Floor Sanding Companies Use Oil and Lacquer for Perfectly Finished Wooden Floors

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Wooden floors are not as identical as they might initially appear to be. Any wooden floor will be unique based on its grain patterns and colours. But, with the passage of time, these floors will eventually start losing their glossy and stainless appearances. To eliminate this, many homeowners hire Sydney floor sanding companies or professionals for revamping their wooden floors.


When Do Sydney Floor Sanding Professionals Use Oil and Lacquer for Finishing Hardwood Floors?

Many floor sanding professionals often use varnishes, dyes, oils, waxes and lacquers for giving wooden floors a superior finish. In many cases though, these professionals typically opt for oils and lacquers over other alternatives.

Lacquer refers to a durable, low-maintenance finish typically used for wooden floors. These give an extra coating to the floor. Because of this, lacquers tend to sit on top of the wood. Naturally, in high traffic areas, lacquer will wear out faster and become prone to scratching. To remedy this, you’ll need to re-sand the entire floor. In contrast, wood floor oils tend to seep inside the wooden floor. Thus, they enhance the grain of the wood and exude a more natural look. Moreover, oils come in low-gloss finishes and have low build-ups too. So, floor sanders often use it to mask any imperfections that wear-and-tear issues can lead to. Repairing oil-finished floors is quite easy. All you need to do is to wipe the floor with oil on a soft, cotton cloth. Scour any extreme stains and re-oil the floor if necessary.

Selecting one of these finishes will ultimately depend on the style of finish you require. Next, you’ll need to ascertain the amount of traffic that the floor is likely to experience. Lastly, you’ll need to consider whether you have the time to maintain your hardwood floors regularly or not.


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