Timber Flooring Professionals Use the Best Floor Sanders to Revamp Your Floors

May 25, 2016 by

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Beautiful and well-organised homes are often the cynosure of the neighbourhood. This is why many homeowners invest a considerable amount of time and money towards making their homes as elegant and attractive as possible. In recent times, installing timber floors within the house has become quite popular. With time however, these floors can lose their lustre and appear shabby. To give your floor a swanky makeover, you won’t need to tear the floor apart and replace it. Instead, you could simply call professional floor polishers to give your floor a makeover. With the help of the latest floor sanders and other equipment, these professionals could easily make your floor look as good as new.


What Kinds of Floor Sanders Do Floor Polishers Use to Revamp Wooden Floors?

Many homeowners throughout the country rely on professionals who offer floor polishing services. For the uninitiated, floor sanders are motorised devices. They are ideal for sanding wooden surfaces to a smooth finish. Some of the different kinds of sanding devices they use comprise:

  • Edging Sanders: These smaller sanders often come into use along with other larger sanders. These sanders are ideal for getting to corners and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Drum Sanders: Designed with a rotational drum wrapped in paper, this is ideal for large floor polishing projects. These machines are ideal for use with specific kinds of grain paper e.g. paper with fine, medium or coarse grains.
  • Square Pad Sanders: These are not as powerful as drum sanders. Thus, they are ideal for ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) users.
  • Orbital Sanders: These sanders typically move in circular directions. In addition, you can use them regardless of the grain paper.


Andes Timber Flooring – The Specialists in Providing Cost Effective Floor Repair Services in the Eastern Suburbs

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