Tips for Timber Floor Sanding that You Could Use in Your House in Chatswood or Elsewhere

Aug 29, 2016 by

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Very often, homeowners opt for the timelessly classic look that hardwood floors typically exude. People want their homes to look elegant, stylish and visually appealing. Wooden floors help achieve that look with minimal fuss. But, over time, these floors can get scratched or stained. As a result, your swanky floors could well lose their lustrous look. Some people think that the only way to remedy such floors is to replace them altogether. But, this is not the only solution. If at all, this should be your last resort. The best way to give your floor a fresh lease of life is to call in the floor sanding experts from Chatswood and the adjoining areas. These experts could easily make your floor as good as new.


How Do Floor Sanding Professionals in Chatswood and Elsewhere Restore Timber Floors?

For sanding your timber floors, you’ll need to:

  • Prepare the floor for sanding by knocking in any nails sitting above the timber – this would prevent the sandpaper from getting caught in the nails and ripping
  • Install a sandpaper belt on the drum of the sander – you should start with a rough 40-grit sandpaper before moving to a 60-grit or a 120-grit sandpaper for the subsequent passes
  • Push the drum sander forward along the grain of the floorboards one row at a time at an even pace, while ensuring that you keep the drum off the floor when you reposition the sander
  • Use an edging sander to sand the skirting boards and a detail sander for sanding the tighter corners
  • Use an appropriate oil or varnish when you carry out the floor polishing to give your floor a superlative finish


Andes Timber Flooring – The Company to Rely On When You Require Flawless Floor Sanding Services in Sydney

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Image Source: CileMontgomery / Flickr